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SE-CB160B 3 axis speed dome controller 12.5 inch TFT LCD with high resolution 22-Axid or 3-Axid joystick control easily and agilely. 3OSD edit menu, can adjust and set pan parameter easily and directly.set parameters 4Auto identify and adapt to NTSC/PAL, no need to set by manual. 5Support RS485/RS232/RS422 telecommunication interface. 6.USB data connector design. 7.Support various of protocols, PELCO-PPELCO-DKALATELSAE,etc 8.Can join with 4 controllers ,realizing multi-control.
SE-PC400D 1.3 axis speed dome controller, Metal Shell
2. Special study code function, can amend order by itself
3.Set different protocol and baudrate by RS485
Renovate system function on line. Upgrade soft and hardware in time
5. Inquiry protocol and baudrate of preset control address by one-dial
6. Button set different parameter, easy to operate
7. Can connect 15pcs sub-keyboard at most
SE-PC400B Simple peed dome controller
Control Capability: Up to 64 cameras(ID No.1~64)
Control all functions of the speed dome.
Communication: RS-485

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